Prayers Work

A Note to Prayer Chain Members

It does not matter how you handle the “prayer requests” that arrive in your email but simply that you handle them.

Read them quickly then delete, file them in an electronic folder to be handled as a group at special time, jot a quick note to yourself in your day planner, print it out and pray over it later – daily or weekly. Responses range from a short mental prayer to yourself at your computer to going into church to pray for those needs. Whatever the response is, that is your prayer.

You know God doesn’t need a long explanation of the circumstances to hear your prayer. God already knows what you are praying about.

This particular prayer  email list is a “protected” list. All requests are processed to insure only prayer needs and praise reports are passed along.

Please continue to receive these emails of prayer and contribute whatever prayerful response that is your own. Encourage your group to join. Prayer does work! God does hear your prayer and those of the other 300+ CumChristo “prayer warriors.”

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