A unique opportunity to stir up one's appreciation and practical expression of faith in Jesus Christ.

Cum Christo is a Lay Catholic Renewal Movement, originating from the Catholic Cursillo Movement, operating in central Ohio.

Cum Christo emerged from the Catholic Cursillo Movement which started in 1964, and shortly thereafter (1970), welcomed men and women from Protestant faiths to participate in the movement.

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Three-day Spiritual Renewal Weekend
The weekend consists of a series of talks given by lay-people and Catholic and Protestant clergy on such topics as Grace, Church, Piety, Study and Christian Community in Action. Each talk is followed by prayer, reflection and discussion. There is a Catholic Mass and a Protestant service each weekend.

Candidate Eligibility Requirements
A prospective candidate must be age 21 or older, be a baptized Christian, be affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church or an established Christian Church.

The candidate must believe in and accept the tenets of the Nicene Creed or the Apostles Creed, the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and the fullness of the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The candidate must be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy so as to more fully and constructively participate in the weekend. The candidate must also be sponsored by a current Cum Christo member (except under special circumstances approved by the Lay Director).

Cum Christo's Goal
Through the three-day spiritual renewal weekend and commitment to Group Reunion, Cum Christo enables Christians to continue to live Christian lives, be committed to the Cum Christo Method of piety, study and action, to the end that they might grow in the Spirit and become the leaven for apostolic action in their many environments.

Cum Christo is one-means of renewal within the Church. The goal of the Movement is to bring all to Christ. Cum Christo provides the opportunity and  the means to support one another in achieving this goal.

How it Works
Through gatherings called  “Group Reunion,” groups of several individuals share their relationship with Jesus using the Cum Christo Method of Piety, Study and Action. This grouping is also illuminated by sharing their “Close Moments” with Jesus. Prayer support for each other, accountability and confidentiality also are part of these Group Reunions.

The entire Cum Christo community is invited to attend periodic gatherings called “Ultreyas” to persevere, to gain support and encouragement, to reconnect, to worship, to pray, and to share Christian fellowship. Cum Christo guides participants to live as Jesus’ disciples in their daily lives and to be servant- leaders in their church and in the other environments where God leads them.

“Cum Christo is an exemplary faith renewal program that for over 40 years has trained and motivated Christians in Central Oho to draw nearer to Jesus Christ and to go forth and live out their faith more fully in their Church and beyond. Participants receive practical tools to help them be more like Christ and to spread the Gospel message. Cum Christo can help you to experience God’s love, grace, peace and guidance in special ways.”

Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell, D.D., Ph.D.
Bishop of Columbus

Dear Friends in Christ:

"The Cum Christo Movement is a unique opportunity to stir up one's appreciation and practical expression of faith in Jesus Christ.

Cum Christo offers the added strength of continuing relationship with men and women of our community who are equally intent on making the Gospel "come alive" in their midst.

I encourage you to make the Cum Christo experience a part of your faith-life. It will be a source of inner peace for you and will provide unbelievable spiritual growth."

Most Rev. James A. Griffin
Retired Bishop of Columbus