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There are no formal limits on the number of candidates a person can sponsor on any one weekend. Taking on the responsibility of sponsoring more than a few (2 or 3) should only be undertaken with prayer and discernment. One is an ideal number. Two are doable. Three is stretching. Four or more? … only in special circumstances.

There is a limit on the number of people from any one church who can attend, regardless of who sponsors them: one per table. We are running four tables these days, so the limit is four per church.

Yes. In fact the original Cursillo literature encourages team members to sponsor their own candidates. That way the candidate sees their friend in the context of Christian Community and they grow together through the weekend.
The reasoning is that there is a high likelihood that some form of PDA (public display of affection) will be expressed that will cause others who observe, especially candidates, to think “where is my sponsor … spouse … family and why do they get the exception and I don’t?” and if the PDA is not expressed, the family member wonders why.

The primary objective is to avoid circumstances that will upset the delicate balance of Christian Community that is built on the weekend. The secondary objective is to show the greater community, beyond sponsors, friends and family, who do palanca and work for the success of a weekend.

Someone who has made an adult version of Cursillo or any 4th day movement, is welcome into Cum Christo as a full member. Such movements include Walk to Emmaus, Denominational Cursillos, Via de Christo, Kairos, etc. Your friend can attend any of our Fourth Day functions (Ultreya, action and social events, etc.), they can join a monthly Ultreya team, and become the contact person for their church in the Pre Cum Christo Section. They can also do Palanca, volunteer in the kitchen, and attend Closings during weekends.

If they attend Leaders’ School then they become eligible to work on weekend teams and to serve in leadership roles in the movement.

As for others, such as potential candidates, they may attend Ultreya occasionally if the Sponsor thinks that that would assist the candidate in accepting the call to attend a weekend eventually.

Anyone may join your group and share in the blessings of Group Reunion whether or not they have made a weekend — and even if they are not interested in making a weekend. Group Reunion (sharing piety, study, and action weekly with a close group of friends) is what Cum Christo is all about.

When a member of the Cum Christo community passes on into their “fifth day” and joins Jesus in heaven, a “De Colores Service” may be held.

Such a service may be requested by the family or those making arrangements, subject to the availability of the persons involved. The service is a celebration of eternal life, and is both sensitive and joyful so care should be taken as to how such a service would impact the immediate family and loved ones.

The 30 to 45 minute service typically takes place at the funeral home and consists of songs, prayers, scripture readings, and short witness talks about the deceased. The selection of these elements is normally done by the family. The persons involved would be the available Music team, the Lay Director, and one of the Spiritual Directors or other clergy who could assist in making selections. Occasionally the Music team may be available to play at the funeral service in the church.

One of the most important Weekend tasks other than serving on Team, is the preparation of meals for the Team and participants. To volunteer visit Cum Christo volunteer opportunities.

Any further questions please contact us.