Interested in Giving Yourself the Gift of a CumChristo Weekend?

Join more than 7000 others in Central Ohio who have advanced on their Christian leadership walk after making a CumChristo Weekend.

"The Cum Christo Movement is a unique opportunity to stir up one's appreciation and practical expression of faith in Jesus Christ.

Cum Christo offers the added strength of continuing relationship with men and women of our community who are equally intent on making the Gospel "come alive" in their midst.

I encourage you to make the Cum Christo experience a part of your faith-life. It will be a source of inner peace for you and will provide unbelievable spiritual growth."

Most Rev. James A. Griffin
Retired Bishop of Columbus

3 Video testimonies: Experiences of Cum Christo and the depth of God’s love for us. video 1:44

"I was a little hesitant to make a Weekend at first as I already had a relationship with Jesus and I wasn't sure what to expect. My heart softened as the Weekend progressed, and by Saturday, I was overwhelmed by the love and care the Cum Christo team put into preparing the Weekend for us.

It was joyful with laughter and sharing, learning and prayer--we were all at different points on our spiritual journeys and that was supported and respected.

Afterward, I felt strengthened to keep growing in my relationship with Christ, to get more involved in parish life, and to make a commitment to group reunion. I'm so thankful for my Cursillista friendships!"

Lori C. W154

“Cum Christo is an exemplary faith renewal program that for over 40 years has trained and motivated Christians in Central Oho to draw nearer to Jesus Christ and to go forth and live out their faith more fully in their Church and beyond. Participants receive practical tools to help them be more like Christ and to spread the Gospel message.

Cum Christo can help you to experience God’s love, grace, peace and guidance in special ways.”

Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell, D.D., Ph.D.
Bishop of Columbus

"During my weekend I experienced God's grace and left feeling more equipped to serve God in grace-filled service and leadership.

The weekly grouping with other sisters in Christ has helped me stay encouraged and motivated to continue to grow in my faith journey."

Kathy S. W139

“For over thirty years Cum Christo has helped raise up leaders in our church. From dramatically changed spiritual lives, they have continued to grow as disciples, participants and leaders of ministries inside and outside our church. Most importantly, they have continued to grow in their devotion to Jesus Christ in their daily lives.”

Rev. Paul Ulring, Senior Pastor
Upper Arlington Lutheran Church

“I have seen a renewed enthusiasm for our Catholic Christian Faith by members of our parish who have participated in a Cum Christo weekend. Not only have they become more involved within the parish, but also they have accepted the call and responsibility of parish leadership.”

Rev. Jerry Rodenfels
Church of the Resurrection, New Albany

“As Pastor of a church, I see people returning from weekend short courses in Christian living actually being “the church,” rather than just attending church.

I have been involved with Cum Christo over 25
years and served as a lay person and Spiritual Director on about 20 weekend teams. It is still exciting to witness God's work in Cum Christo to build disciples to work in churches and other environments.”

Rev. Bonnie Frost
Zanesfield United Methodist Church

“Often we are looking for a way to deepen our relationship with our Lord in living out the Gospel in our daily lives, activities, and in the many communities we are a part of. Cum Christo is an excellent way of spiritual renewal."

Rev. Charles Cotton
Cum Christo Spiritual Director
Pastor of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

“Humbled and blessed to have served the W157 which was life changing. The power of prayer is amazing."

Hope B. W157