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Ultreya Announcements – July, 2021

  1. Our next Ultreya will be the ULREYAFEST/ REUNION held at the Norwich Pavilion in Weaver Park 4100 Columbia Street in Hilliard starting at 5:30pm. A food Truck will be there to provide a hot dog and Hamburger with sides of Mac and Cheese and Baked Beans. Desserts along with water and lemonade will also be available. We are sorry but we can’t accommodate special dietary needs at this event, but you are encouraged to bring your own. (Food sharing is not allowed at this event.) This is a free will offering event, and we encourage you to bring your family. If you would like to join in the musical portion of the program, bring your guitar with you. The goal is to create a family reunion atmosphere to help us celebrate our ability to return to near normal conditions.
  2. On September 1, Cum Christo is planning to hold the September Ultreya as an in-person event. We are also discussing the possibility of live streaming the Ultreya on our Facebook page for those who may not be able to join us. As a side note, our Facebook page, CUM CHRISTO Columbus Ohio, is a members only page so you will have to join the page to receive the broadcast. Once the details are sorted out about this event, you will be contacted via email with the specifics.
  3. On November 3, 2021, Leader School is planning to hold a 5th Day celebration in place of the usual Ultreya format. The purpose of this celebration will be to remember those Cursillistas who have progressed on to their 5th Day during the Pandemic when we were not permitted the chance to celebrate their 5th Watch for details once they are complete. In the meantime, save the date of November 3, 2021.
  4. If you know a Cursillista who is not receiving our emails, please contact Sue Gaddam ( with the name and email of that person. A return email will be sent out to that Cursillista with instructions on how to access and correct their data. Remember that a Cursillista can access and change only their information, we keep everyone involved, and it starts with having an accurate database.
  5. We want to thank our volunteers who accepted the call to fill the roles required to make the July through September Ultreyas happen. The third quarter Ultreya Team Leader is Jim Kearns. If you wish to be a part of his team, contact him by email at
  6. Don’t forget there is always a need for Palanca to be read at the Ultreyas. Submit your written Palanca to and reference PALANCA for proper handling. We ask that you follow our tradition and simply sign your palanca as a brother or sister in Christ and your weekend number.
  7. There are a couple of leadership roles that remain open. and can be found on our website. For further information on this and the other open positions go to our website and select “Cum Christo Community”. Select “Quick Links” and “Volunteers Needed” options. Scroll down to “WE NEED YOU – VOLUNTEERS” and click on “LEADERSHIP Volunteers Needed”. You will find a job description for the open position, along with a contact who can provide additional details on the position selected. In the Job Description, the listed contact held the position so they are most capable of answering your questions. Additionally, if you wish to get more involved within our community, but don’t know how your interests may serve our community, send me an email ( for assistance. Please reference I WANT TO BE INVOLVED in your email. I will contact you via return email and then we can arrange how you can help us out.