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Ultreya Announcements – October, 2021

Our next Ultreya will be held on November 3, 2021 @ 7:00pm at St Matthews Catholic Church. The Church’s address is 807 Havens Corners Road in Gahanna. As November is the month of remembrance of All Saints and All Souls, we will be substituting the standard Ultreya format for a 5th day ceremony. This ceremony will remember all those Cursillistas who have gone on to their 5th day during the Pandemic shutdown that restricted us from holding their celebrations individually. Leader School members have been reaching out to the families of these Cursillistas to join us in this celebration. Everyone is greatly encouraged to attend this gathering as a show of our community love for those who have gone on before us. Deacon Joe Meyer will be our Spiritual Director. Watch your email and check out the FACEBOOK page for additional reminders of this special event.

The December Ultreya is under development. The team for this Ultreya is comprised of members of Leader School and the Board of Trustees. This will be our annual YULETREYA where we gather items for people in need. We will keep everyone updated as this event develops.

 We are asking for a volunteer to take on the responsibility of TEAM LEADER for the January, February, and March Ultreyas. If you feel called to fill this role, please email Hope Boring at Hope will be glad to provide you with the details regarding this position.  

Cum Christo is trying desperately to renew its contact with those Cursillistas who may not be receiving emails. If you know of Cursillistas who are in this category and who want to be included in our email offerings, please send an email to Sue Gaddam at Sue will be glad to help renew the contact.

 If you want to have access to the Cum Christo FACEBOOK page, you will need to request membership. This page is a MEMBERS ONLY page and is limited to Cursillistas only. To start the process, access the FACEBOOK app, which can be downloaded if you currently don’t have it. Once you access FACEBOOK, search for “CUM CHRISTO Columbus Ohio” select the page. You will be alerted that this is a private page and a join button should be available for selection. After you select the join button, follow the prompts, and your request will be forwarded to one of the page’s administrators. Your request will be reviewed to ensure that you are a Cursillista, and then your acceptance will be granted. The return on your request is historically under 12 hours from submission.

Cum Christo is always in need of volunteers as well as open to new ideas and suggestions. If you want to step up with an offer to help or just want to provide your opinion, feel free to email me at If you are a member of the Facebook Cum Christo page, feel free to provide your feedback on that page to start a conversation about your ideas and suggestions. Remember that your comment becomes public to all members of that page, which numbers 153 at the time of this release. Your honest insights are very important to Leader School and the Board especially with the uncertainty brought on by COVID and the variants. Tell us how you feel about future in person ULTREYAS, if you have a potential candidate for a future weekend, or and what you believe is the future of CUM CHRISTO’s community. We want to hear from our community so that we can respond.


Fellow Cursillistas,

In January 2021, I accepted a one-year extension to my three-year term as Lay Director which ended December 31, 2020. I agreed to this additional year with the understanding that I would resign from the role of Lay Director beginning January 1, 2022. The goal of my acceptance was to provide our community a chance to locate my replacement. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic continues to negatively impact this search. Bottom line: no one has been identified as a replacement.

While I fully planned to resign December 31, 2021, I also recognize the importance of keeping this position occupied. Simultaneously, I know that if I continue to agree to extend my term until the role is filled, there is a real chance that this search will continue to stall, and a replacement will not be identified.

As a result of much prayer and thought, I have concluded the following action on my part. I am rescinding my resignation date of December 31, 2021 and am extending my term for an additional 6 months. My retirement from the role of Lay Director will become effective July 1, 2022, with or without a replacement.

In the past, a defined search process was followed. Perhaps that process is the roadblock that has caused the interruption in leadership in past years. Also, I feel that the community at large is not adequately involved in the selection process of their Lay Director. At the risk of upsetting those who believe that we must continue to follow the current process, I am asking all Cursillistas of our community, to pray and offer up names of potential candidates for the Lay Director’s position.     

Email your selection of names along with your reasons for your nominations to There is no need to provide an extensive commentary with your reason statement. The webservant in turn will forward the names to the Board of Directors for further processing and consideration. The Board will not be given the name of the Cursillista who provided the submission as all names will be forwarded anonymously. If you feel called to fill the role of Lay Director, submit your own name. Let the Spirit move you in this process.

During these next nine months, it is imperative that we as a community seriously work to identify a suitable replacement so that the role of Lay Director will not go empty.

I apologize to any community members who disagree with this change in the method of locating my replacement, but as I stated at the October Ultreya, “Desperate times require desperate measures.”  Please don’t let the “other guy” address this situation. Help our community by offering us names for this search. The future of the Cum Christo community is in the hands of its members.

Thank you for your support of the community during my term and continue to pray for me. They are greatly appreciated.

Peace and De Colores!

Jim Keating, Lay Director