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Ultreya Announcements – September, 2021

See pictures of the September 2021 Ultreya here!

  • Our next Ultreya will be on October 6, 2021 @ 7:00pm. Mary Counter will be our witness speaker. A Spiritual Director and location are to be determined.
  • Our November Ultreya will be held on November 3, 2021 @ 7:00pm at St Matthews Catholic Church. As November is the month of remembrance of All Saints and All Souls, we will be holding a 5th day ceremony for all those Cursillistas who have gone on to their 5th day during the Pandemic shutdown that restricted them from having a 5th day celebration in their honor. Deacon Joe Meyer will be our Spiritual Director. Leader School members have been reaching out to the families of these Cursillistas to join us as we remember their loved ones. Everyone is encouraged to attend this Ultreya as a show of our community love for those who have gone on before us. We will keep everyone updated as more details are settled.
  • The Ultreyas of October, November and December will be under the direction of Leader School and the Board of Trustees. We hope that you will be able to meet these members during one of the next three Ultreyas.
  • We want to acknowledge and thank Jim Kearns for heading up the third quarter Ultreyas along with all of those who actively participated especially the spiritual directors, witness speakers, and all those who participated so that Ultreyas could continue during the pandemic restrictions. If it wasn’t for their spirit of giving, these Ultreyas would not have taken place.
  • Cum Christo is trying desperately to keep in touch with all Cursillistas. If you are not receiving emails or if you know of Cursillistas who are not receiving our emails and want to be included, please send and email to Sue Gaddam at
  • If you want to be a part of the Cum Christo Facebook page community, simply search for CUM CHRISTO Columbus Ohio, hit the join button, and follow the prompts. This is a private group so your request will be submitted to the administrators who will verify that you are a Cursillista and accept your request.
  • We always need help and are open to new ideas and suggestions. If you want to step up with an offer to help or just want to provide your opinion, feel free to email me at If you are a member of the Facebook Cum Christo page, provide your feedback on that page. Remember that your comment becomes public to all members of that page. Currently we have about 150 members on this page.